What is the True Cost of Regenera Activa?

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Hair loss comes in many forms and can affect both the young and old – by far, the most common type of hair loss is ‘pattern balding’ also known as its medical diagnosis: androgenetic alopecia.

Why are there so many anti-hair loss treatments on the market?

Hair loss treatments and products that aim to “clean the scalp” and “reduce oil” seldom achieve good results on their own and only work in conjunction with scientifically-proven medications or procedures to reverse male or female pattern balding.

One of the more recent developments in hair loss treatments is Regenera Activa. Terra Medical Clinic was the first clinic in Singapore to bring in this technique and Dr Joshua Chong has performed hundreds of Regenera Activa treatments to date, also delivering lectures on scientific principles and techniques at international conferences and for Regenera Science.

One of the first questions asked by patients enquiring about this treatment is, ‘how much does it cost?’. By default, our reply will be accompanied with a friendly reminder that it is a medical treatment only to be performed if prescribed by a doctor and all other options are discussed.

Why do Advertised Prices of Regenera Activa vary so much?

The normal price range of Regenera Activa alone should be $3000-$4000.

Fair Pricing #1:

Some clinics will bundle in after-care products such as supplements, shampoos or healing solutions which may adjust the price slightly. This may be done to help you with overall scalp health and hair nutrition if you required it.

Fair Pricing #2:

Some clinics may charge higher for a Regenera Activa procedure when they include in-clinic photobiomodulation (hair growth laser) sessions as part of the treatment regime. The combination of Regenera Activa and photobiomodulation has been shown to improve results.

Fair Pricing #3:

Some clinics offer Regenera Activa at a more attractive rate in combination with a hair transplantation surgery to help to keep costs controlled for patients.

Doubtful Pricing #1:

There have been patients who have encountered clinics that have told them that they will require 2 Regenera Activa procedures at one go because the degree of hair loss is too great, sometimes offering a discount on the 2nd Regenera procedure.

Firstly, if the degree of hair loss is already deemed severe, then Regenera Activa may not have been the correct procedure to perform in the first instance.

Secondly, there is consensus from Regenera Science that one session is recommended and a following session can be done in the future to build on the results of the first procedure. Furthermore, if the patient did not see adequate results from the first procedure, then a second procedure would just be repeating the mistake of the first procedure; a different approach should be considered instead.

Doubtful Pricing #2:

When you see Regenera Activa priced at unbelievably low price, be wary of imitation products or parallel imported products that may not yield the same results as an authentic Regenera Activa procedure. Sterility and structure of these medical devices may also have been compromised during transport or storage.

What is Regenera Activa?

The Regenera Activa procedure, which uses Autologous Micrograft Transfer technology, or AMT for short, has been extensively researched to treat Male and Female Pattern Hair Loss, also known as androgenetic alopecia.

This 20-minute, no downtime procedure can be understood by breaking down the 3-word nomenclature into their constituent terms:

  1. Autologous: This refers to using cells originating from your own In the context of this procedure, scalp skin samples are extracted from a relatively strong area of the scalp, usually located behind the ear. The 3-4 scalp samples are painlessly removed under local anaesthesia using a biopsy punch (think of a very small (2.5mm) and precise cookie cutter).
  2. Micrograft: These are 50-80 micrometre sized fragments of live tissue used as a ‘graft’, i.e. to be replaced into another area of the body, usually for a restorative function. The Human Brain Wave company has developed a precision engineered device and Rigeneracon kit that mechanically disintegrates the scalp samples into 50 micrometre micrografts. (think of a rotating cheese grater that gives you microscopic gratings) The resulting fluid suspension has approximately 180000 live cells.
  3. Transfer: Transferring the micrografts to areas of hair thinning is done by a trained hair restoration surgeon into the areas of scalp that are thinning. The thinning hairs have ‘responsive’ areas located under the skin at different depths (the follicle stem cell bulge and the dermal papilla) and as such, multi-depth injection will be the most effective way to deliver the micrografts to weakened hair follicles.

The procedure has to be performed fairly quickly (getting the micrografts back into the scalp within 15 minutes) as there are live cells involved, which may start to die outside the body if left for too long.

The multi-depth injection technique will involve slight pain but ensures that you get the most out of your own regenerative cells. This leaves behind small boluses (bumps) on the scalp which are then massaged to achieve an even spread.

What are some other considerations before deciding to proceed with Regenera Activa?

Regenera Activa is not going to work for everybody. It is a frequent and good practice to combine Regenera Activa with other hair regrowth modalities such as medications or photobiomodulation / low level laser light therapy.

Think of undergoing Regenera Activa procedure as just one slice of the pie of hair loss treatments. If you were already quite full, one slice of the pie may be enough to satisfy you, whereas a hungrier person would need multiple different slices of the hair loss treatment pie to be “full”. The other slices may include nutritional supplements, photobiomodulation, medications, good oil control shampoo, and hair restoration surgery.

A clinic that offers Regenera Activa as part of their arsenal of hair loss treatments should be able to advise you on the MOST suitable treatment regime depending on your condition and expectations.

Still undecided about Regenera Activa or other hair loss treatments?

Terra Medical Clinic provides holistic medical and surgical hair restoration treatments after a rigorous diagnostic evaluation.

Other options that may be more suited to your needs include a more permanent solution e.g. hair transplant surgery or a less invasive treatment such as Nutrafol or Medications.

Get in contact with Terra Medical Clinic for a consultation

We are ready to provide advice on your hair restoration journey. Call or drop us a Whatsapp message at 91870470 or e-mail at ask@terramedical.sg to schedule a tele-consultation or in-clinic consultation.

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