Can Regenera Activa be combined with other Treatments?

Young woman with hair loss problem receiving injection on white background, closeup

Various hair loss treatments have been introduced in Singapore, each with unique benefits and mechanisms. Among these is Regenera Activa, a non-surgical procedure that harnesses the body’s regenerative capabilities to combat hair loss. As individuals seek comprehensive solutions to address their hair loss concerns, they may ask: Can Regenera Activa be combined with other treatments […]

How Genetics Impacts Hair loss

close up of Asian woman having problem with grey, white hair.

While hair loss can be attributed to various factors, one significant influence that often determines its occurrence is genetics. Understanding the role of genetics in hair loss is essential if you are seeking to comprehend the root causes of your thinning hair and explore potential solutions. This article will shed light on the relationship between […]

Autologous Micrograft Transfer vs Hair Transplant

FUE hair transplant in dark environment

Are you among those facing the distressing challenge of male or female pattern hair loss and thinning? If so, you’re not alone. Hair loss can significantly impact your confidence and self-esteem, and you might be looking for practical solutions to restore your once-luscious locks.  Two popular hair restoration options in Singapore  are surgical hair transplants […]

Hair Transplant for Male Hairline Recession

What causes Hairline Recession? The hairline defines the upper border of the face and an aesthetically positioned hairline gives the impression of youthfulness, symmetry, and proportionality to the face.  Hairline recession is most typically (>95% of the time) caused by male pattern hair loss and starts in both corners of the hairline. Some variants of […]

Thinning hair: Causes and Prevention

Close up of a woman with thinning hair

Is your hairline starting to recede or widen? This is one of the signs of hair thinning. Your hair does not grow as thick as it used to, which can be distressing, especially if you don’t understand its causes and how to prevent it.  While thinning hair is a natural part of ageing, there are […]

Hair loss and Mental Health

girl with a comb in his hand on a white background distressed

Hair loss is a natural process that everyone experiences as they age, but it can also occur earlier due to various reasons such as genetics and stress. While the physical changes can be challenging, the psychological effects of hair loss can also be profound.  Hair loss can significantly impact your self-esteem and may even lead […]

How Covid Affects Hair loss


Think COVID-19 and flu, runny nose and sore throat come to mind. Hair loss is probably not the immediate image that you associate with the virus. It is not as serious as the long-term respiratory issues people worry about with contracting COVID-19, but it can still cause distress. Because of the starkness of seeing hair […]

How Pollution Affects Your Hair


From 2020 to 2021, Singapore’s PM10 level of pollution rose by three points to 28 micrograms per cubic metre. This was above Singapore’s aim to reduce the PM10 level to 20 micrograms. PM10 measures small particles found in dust and smoke. While the 2021 level isn’t as bad as the 37 micrograms recorded during the […]

Ingredients to Look for in Hair Growth Products


When it comes to hair growth, there are many products on the Singapore market that promise you thicker and fuller-looking hair. However, not all of them are created equally and it can be difficult for you to determine which ingredients are best.  To help you make a better and more informed decision, we’ve compiled a […]

Debunking 5 Hair Transplant Myths


It starts off with clumps of hair on your pillow covers and in the shower drains. Friends and family start commenting on how thin your hair has become. Before long, you’re wearing caps and adding gels to cover up the lack of volume. You’re wary of admitting it, but you’re seeing signs of hair loss. […]