Hair loss can be due to many reasons. While the most common type of hair loss, is genetic, patterned hair loss, there could be other factors that contribute to the problem.

We provide comprehensive diagnostic facilities to determine the cause of your hair loss. If you are unsure what is causing your hair thinning or hair shedding, be sure to consult us to seek a proper medical diagnosis. This includes:

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Hair Loss Diagnosis

Detailed history taking and consultation

A doctor who is familiar with hair loss conditions should be conducting the consultation. A medical questionnaire will be handed out to you to answer as accurately as possible as this helps the medical professionals pinpoint the issue.

Medical condition and medication review

Some medical conditions associated with hair loss include Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidisim, Psychiatric disorders, Autoimmune conditions

Clinical examination including microscopy

After the discussion about your history of hair loss and scalp conditions, a hair restoration doctor will examine you to determine to aim to achieve a diagnosis of your hair loss condition. This examination involves a ‘macroscopic’ examination i.e. looking at the scalp with the naked eye, and a more detailed view of the scalp called ‘videotrichoscopy’, using a high powered 40x – 100x magnifier specifically to examine the hair and the scalp at its base.

Laboratory tests

The hair follicle is an incredibly complicated organ. Multiple medical conditions and nutritional or metabolic abnormalities can cause hair loss. Apart from thorough clinical history taking and examination, sometimes, blood tests are prescribed to rule out other hair loss causes.

TrichoLab Studio

TrichoLab studio uses the combination of standardised angle and lighting macrophotography using the latest DSLR camera tuned for global hair and scalp imaging, paired with fotofinder(r) leviacam 20x and 50x trichoscopy to ‘map’ out the scalp in great detail.

This 15 minute scan can be AI-analysed for immediate results and is coupled with human analysis of the high quality focused images for a complete report (2 days for reporting) that comprises specific parameters that help us get a thorough understanding of which areas of scalp bear hairs of particular quality.

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