Hair Vitamins: How They Work And How To Choose The Right One

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If you feel like your hair has been lacking volume and shine lately and you’re looking for a way to improve its health and appearance, hair vitamins may be the solution you’re looking for.  


It can be challenging to know which one is best for you, though, because of the variety on offer on the market. 

In this article we’ll outline what types of hair vitamins help hair growth and how they work. We’ll also give you pointers on choosing the right one for you.

What types of Vitamins help hair growth and how do they work?

Hair vitamins are supplements that are taken orally to improve hair health. They work by providing your body with the essential nutrients it needs for healthy hair production.


Hair vitamins also help restore your hair’s natural protein levels and promote a healthy scalp. This is important because a bad scalp can lead to inflammation and damage to your hair follicles.


We have listed below the common vitamins that are found in effective hair restoration supplements in Singapore:

The Vitamin B Group  

Vitamin Bs are essential for hair growth and health. They help to promote the production of hair cells, strengthen the shafts of hair follicles and reduce inflammation in the scalp. The usual Vitamin Bs that are strongly associated with hair health are vitamin B7 (biotin), vitamin B9 (folic acid) and vitamin B12 (cyacobalamin).


In addition, vitamin B helps to create sebum, an oil that protects the skin from external damage.  


 Vitamin C 

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Vitamin C is a key nutrient for overall health and has been shown to promote hair growth.


Specifically, vitamin C helps to prevent hair loss by promoting the growth of new scalp cells. It helps nourish the hair shaft and protect it from damage while boosting collagen production. In addition, vitamin C can help reduce inflammation, promote cell regeneration and restore damaged hair follicles.


It is especially important for people who smoke, and the recommended daily intake for smokers is 5x higher than that of non-smokers.


This essential micromineral is part of the building block of heme (a protein molecule that is responsible for oxygen carriage in the blood). This is important for healthy hair growth. If you don’t get enough iron, your body won’t be able to produce enough haemoglobin and this will slow down oxygen delivery to your scalp and contribute to hair loss.


Hair follicles are also abundant in ferritin (a protein that is linked to the storage of iron) and it is thought that when one is deficient in iron, the iron found in hair follicle ferritin gets released into the bloodstream for essential functions (e.g. making haemoglobin), thereby reducing the concentration of the micromineral within the hair follicle.

Protein or amino acids  

Though the average person who has a regular normal diet is seldom deficient in protein, there appears to be a strong argument for adding protein into your hair supplementation regime.


Typically, manufacturers who favour the au naturale mantra will include protein sources from marine animals as the composition of these proteins seem to be most suitable building keratin – the most abundant protein found in hair. People with seafood allergies may also develop allergic reactions to such supplements.


Other supplement producers will include specific amino acids (building blocks of protein) such as cysteine and lysine which are chemically produced or extracted.


Zinc has a crucial role in hair health because it is a mineral that is heavily involved the the control of male hormone levels. Hair damage can be due to the excess of certain male hormones and an adequate amount of zinc helps to keep those male hormones regulated.


The recommended daily intake for zinc is 15mg in women and 30mg in men.


This is a very specific ingredient that is found only in premium clinical hair supplements such as Nourkrin Hair Growth+.


One of the key components of the growth phase of hair is the formation of a structure called the “outer root sheath” in the hair follicle. Deficiency in proteoglycans alter the way this crucial structure is formed and the growth phase of the hair can be negatively affected.


Marilex is a patented proprietary ingredient used by Nourkrin Hair Growth+ to boost the levels of “hair-specific” proteoglycans to allow for hair follicle to undergo normal growth.

How to choose the right Vitamins for your Hair

There are numerous hair vitamins on the market today and it can be difficult to determine which one is best for you. That’s why we recommend doing some research first. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a hair vitamin:


  • Your hair type. Some vitamins work better for certain types of hair than others. For example, biotin works well for people with thin or fragile locks because it helps strengthen them from the inside out.

  • Side effects associated with taking the vitamin. In general, most supplements should not cause any side effects. A small proportion of patients develop side effects like abdominal pain, diarrhoea or constipation. Some supplements must not be used when planning for pregnancy, during pregnancy or breastfeeding – it is important to discuss this with your hair restoration doctor before commencement of the supplement you intend to use.

  • Your specific needs. Read the ingredients carefully and choose a product that matches your hair goals.

  • The dosage size. Most supplements come in capsules or tablets, with different dosages depending on how much you need to take per day. Decide what dose works best for you based on how many times per day you plan on taking the supplement and how long it will last.

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