Holistic Hair &

Scalp Wellness Programme

The Meaning of A Holistic Hair & Scalp Wellness Programme

When we experience an illness, like a cold, we go to the doctor. Medicine is provided, we take it, we feel better! But 2 months later, the same illness happens again – we return to the doctor. Could it just be another one-time thing, being unlucky enough to catch a cold so soon after the last time? We take the medicine, we feel better. And then another 2 months later, the same symptoms start showing up AGAIN. This time, when we go back to the doctor, he puts those antibiotics on hold and begins looking at other factors that can cause this recurrent cold – he asks about your work environment, your sleep schedule, and even orders some blood tests to rule out any immunity disorders.

This is what we call a holistic approach to health… The knowledge that sometimes things are not as straightforward as black and white (“Just medicate the symptoms and things will get better!”), and diving deep into the many other factors that play a huge role in health.

The same thing goes for our hair health. Maybe you’ve heard the saying that our skin, nails, and hair are the window into what is going on inside our body. That saying is actually true. Various health habits can affect our hair wellness, causing them to grow brittle and prone to breakage, or result in an overproduction of oil and yeast on our scalp. If you have been suffering from lacklustre hair despite the types of shampoos or conditioners you are using, or you can’t seem to find a way to balance your scalp environment to prevent itching and dandruff flaking, or strong hair growth still seems to be a distant dream away, Terra Medical’s Holistic Hair & Scalp Wellness Programme is just the thing for you. Read on below to find out just what it is about!

What Kinds of Treatments Are Involved in a Holistic Hair & Scalp Wellness Programme

What Kinds of Treatments Are Involved in a Holistic Hair & Scalp Wellness Programme?

Just like how a doctor will assess your condition and order other tests to rule in or rule out medical issues, our very own doctors at Terra Medical will do the exact same thing.


Initial Consultation

Our certified hair restoration doctors will begin to subjectively and objectively assess your hair and scalp history. 

The subjective assessment will involve: Questions regarding your health habits that affect hair wellness, such as your lifestyle, diet and nutrition, stress levels, family history, and so on. We will also evaluate your expectations and goals for treatment.

The objective assessment will involve: Assessment of your current hair and scalp status, and a comprehensive blood test for hair nutrition. This helps to identify whether you are lacking in certain vitamins, minerals, or are having any sort of deficiencies that cause dry, brittle, and slow hair growth. This also helps to identify any possible inflammatory or hormonal influence of hair growth, or other medical conditions relating to hair.


Personalised Recommendation

Based on all the information obtained from your initial consultation, a personalised recommendation will be made by our doctors. We may recommend certain lifestyle adjustments and dietary recommendations to help in your hair growth journey. Additionally, we are also well-equipped to provide advice on all-natural hair restoration supplementations and botanical lotions for your scalp health. Where necessary, other treatments may be recommended such as the highly-rated scalp spa treatment, Hydrafacial Keravive. This keeps your scalp wellness in check for long-term sustainable benefits.


6-Monthly Review

Hair health is definitely a long-term endeavour. After all, even in natural and healthy hair follicles, our hair will stay in the telogen a.k.a. ‘shedding’ phase for at least 5-6 weeks before moving on to the next growth stage. Hence, enough time needs to be given for these holistic practices to show any significant effects. 6 months is a good time for our clinical team to evaluate your hair and scalp health again, to assess if any positive changes have occurred.  

Who is this Treatment For?

This Holistic Hair & Scalp Wellness Programme is specifically designed to provide your body with nutrients to rebalance your system with a holistic approach. The benefits do go beyond just an increase in hair quality – it can also help in your energy levels, immunity, and skin and nails as a positive side effect from the increase in body nutrients. 

This treatment will be great for those who:

  • Are suffering from chronic stress and or chronic insomnia
  • Are having a diet that is not balanced and contains a high amount of processed foods
  • Want to take preventative steps to maintain good quality hair for the long-term

Instead of using hair products to fix the symptoms momentarily, we focus on creating a healthy environment for strong hair to grow in the long run. As a result, getting a holistic salon treatment is a fantastic option for your overall health and hair. If you’re interested, please contact Terra Medical Clinic to take the first step toward greater confidence.


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