How to make Regenera Activa results last?

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Regenera Activa is a hair loss treatment that holds the promise of rejuvenating your hair. It is not a hair transplant, but a hair restoration technique that uses your body’s own regenerative cells to stimulate dormant hair follicles and promote natural hair growth. 

The treatment is proven effective. However, the journey towards renewed hair continues even after the procedure. To ensure lasting and satisfactory results, understanding how to maintain the benefits of Regenera Activa is critical.

This blog post shares the essential steps to make Regenera Activa results last. By embracing these guidelines, you can nurture your newly revitalised hair and sustain a fuller, healthier head of hair.

Follow post-treatment instructions

After undergoing Regenera Activa treatment, the first and most crucial step to caring for your newly treated hair is to diligently follow the post-treatment instructions provided by your hair restoration specialist.

Post-treatment care is essential to optimise the results of Regenera Activa, promote healthy hair growth and reduce hair loss. Your doctor may ask you, for instance, to avoid scratching or excessively rubbing the treatment area to prevent irritation and disruption of the regenerative process.

Following these guidelines not only enhances the effectiveness of Regenera Activa but also ensures that you are actively involved in nurturing your hair for lasting results.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a critical factor in sustaining the results of Regenera Activa treatment, reducing hair loss and promoting the long-term health of your hair. Embracing a balanced lifestyle can significantly impact the growth and strength of your hair. The following are some habits you should incorporate.

  1. Balanced diet

Good nutrition is essential for hair health. A nutrient-rich diet will support hair growth and strength. Incorporate foods like leafy greens, fruits, lean proteins, nuts, and seeds into your meals.

  1. Hydration

Drinking plenty of water is essential for overall well-being, including the health of your hair. 

  1. Regular exercise

Regular physical activity improves blood circulation, vital for delivering essential nutrients to the hair follicles. Aim for a balanced exercise routine that suits your lifestyle.

  1. Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol

Smoking and excessive alcohol consumption can adversely affect hair health and lead to hair loss. Minimise or quit these habits for the well-being of your hair and overall health.

Use recommended hair care products

Using the proper hair care products is crucial to maintain the results and promote the ongoing health of your hair. Recommended products are specifically chosen to complement the regenerative effects of Regenera Activa treatment and ensure that you achieve the lasting results you desire.

Your doctor may recommend specially formulated shampoos, conditioners and nourishing serums to support hair growth and inhibit hair loss.

Avoid excessive heat and chemical treatments

To protect the integrity of your hair and ensure the longevity of your Regenera Activa results, you should avoid excessive heat styling and chemical treatments.

Heat styling with tools such as curling irons, blow dryers and straighteners can induce dryness and lead to breakage. If you must use them, we suggest you apply a heat protectant first, then use the tools at their lowest heat setting to reduce potential damage.

We would also not recommend chemical treatments like perms, relaxers, and excessive hair colouring that can weaken the hair and lead to loss of elasticity and breakage. Instead, minimise the frequency of chemical overprocessing or consider less damaging alternatives to your hair.

Healthy scalp and hair care habits

Beyond external care, staying hydrated and prioritising scalp health are vital components of maintaining the results of Regenera Activa and promoting lasting hair health. 

  1. Hydration for scalp and hair

Drink plenty of water to keep your scalp moisturised, promoting optimal conditions for hair growth and reducing the risk of scalp dryness or flakiness.

  1. Scalp massage and circulation

Regularly massage your scalp to stimulate blood circulation. Massaging your scalp gently with your fingertips can enhance nutrient delivery to the hair follicles, strengthening the effects of Regenera Activa.

  1. Scalp exfoliation

Periodic scalp exfoliation can help remove dead skin cells and impurities to promote a healthy scalp.

Follow-up with your healthcare provider

Staying connected with your doctor is crucial for caring for your hair and ensuring lasting results from Regenera Activa. Regular follow-up appointments allow them to assess your progress, address any concerns and adjust your hair care plan. 

During these visits, they can also look at ways of optimising your treatment results.

Consult Terra Medical

Maintaining the results of Regenera Activa and embracing your newly revived hair requires a proactive approach, and your hair restoration journey must also be a collaborative effort between you and your trusted hair restoration specialist. 

If you are in Singapore and are considering Regenera Activa, book a consultation with Terra Medical today.

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