Phase 2 of Post-Circuit Breaker Recovery Measures

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Let us all do our part in keeping each other safe!

In line with government measures, we are now available for in-clinic consultations and procedures.

For those who prefer virtual modes of communication, we will still be accepting appointments for tele-consultatations.

Do reach out to us via WhatsApp/ a phone call (+65 9187 0470), social media, or email ( for any enquiries or to arrange for a consultation!

Patients with existing appointments will be contacted by the Terra Team for rescheduling or to arrange a session for a tele-consultation.

Tele-consultation with Terra Medical

For formal tele-consultations, the Terra Team is using MOH approved software so that your data is secure and your privacy is ensured.

In preparation of your tele-consultation and to ensure that our team has sufficient information to recommend the next steps in your hair restoration journey, we’ll need your help to take five clinically accurate photographs focused on your hair.

For detailed information on these photographs, do watch the video below – it outlines the steps and things to note while taking these photographs.


Key details to note for the five clinically accurate photographs:
What you’ll need:
  • A camera phone
  • A buddy
  • A comb
  • A hairband
Pre-preparation and things to note:
  • Do ensure that your hair is freshly washed and dried, and that there are no styling products in your hair
  • Find a spot with good lighting, no direct/ harsh lights, and a neutral background
  • Ensure your phone is set to 2.0x zoom or is using a non wide angle setting
  • Remember to keep the focal point of your photographs on the hair
  • For ladies, we require your hair to be parted in the centre for the photographs
  • Remove your glasses
  • Keep a straight face
  • Ensure your photographs are not over exposed
The five photographs:
Here are samples of how the photographs should look like:
Instructions for the photographer:
(From right to left)
Photograph 1: Take this photo at eye level
Photograph 2: Instruct the patient to put their chin down towards their chest
Photograph 3: Instruct the patient to tilt their head slightly upwards and take the shot at an angle
Photograph 4: The Donor view

Photograph 5: The Hairband view – instruct the patient to tilt their head slightly downwards so that their hairline can be clearly visualised

And you’re done!

For any enquiries, to arrange for an in-clinic consultation and procedure, or a tele-consultation, do feel free to reach out to us via any one of these platforms – WhatsApp/ a phone call (+65 9187 0470), social media, or email (
From all of us at Terra Medical,
Stay safe and take care!

About Terra Medical

With years of experience and excellent patient care, Terra Medical is a dedicated hair loss clinic that specialises in innovative hair restoration techniques, as well as a holistic approach to overall hair wellness. The hair clinic is led by an internationally credentialed team of doctors, Dr. Joshua Chong & Dr. Jia Cheng Heng, and a team of experienced hair restoration technicians. The clinic aims to provide precision and care of the highest standards to achieve natural-looking and long-lasting results for our patients.

We cater to each of our patient’s individual needs and expectations through comprehensive consultations and personalised treatment plans tailored by the doctors. These treatment plans can be a combination of the following: FUE hair transplant, Regenera Activa (AMT), and more.

Beyond just our clinical expertise, we understand how challenging it is to face hair loss alone. As a leading hair restoration clinic, our specialised team provides compassion, empathy, and ongoing support throughout your journey, ensuring you feel heard, empowered, and informed every step of the way.

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