CG210 Hair & Scalp Essence Men 80ml

CG 210™ is made from botanical ingredients, so is safe with no known side-effects.

The successive repetition of the premature onset of the catagen phase, caused by massive apoptosis, followed by shorter and shorter anagen phase leads to hair miniaturization (white, invisible, thin hair), called also male pattern baldness In addition to a massive apoptosis phenomenon, excessive hair loss is also associated with scalp micro-inflammation.

Clinical trials in androgenetic alopecia subjects using CG 210™ have demonstrated the following benefits. In a published scalp biopsy trial performed on subjects with androgenetic alopecia, daily application of CG 210™ has enabled restoring back, in 3 months, an anti-apoptotic protein towards the level found in non alopecic subjects Restoring the level of such anti-apoptotic protein should maintain more hair into the growing phase (anagen) and delay the premature transition of hair into the falling phase (catagen). Hair loss level may therefore not be excessive anymore, as long as the product is applied.

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