What Is Nutrafol Hair Supplement?

Nutrafol is a clinically tested, 100% drug-free nutraceutical/hair loss supplement brand from the USA, which leverages on the latest and greatest in biotechnology to to target the multiple causes of thinning hair without undesirable side effects.

Nutrafol is a Nutraceutical. The ‘nutra–’ refers to nutrients, which are the substances that provide nourishment essential to health and growth; ‘–ceutical’ gives homage to the roots word pharmaceutical, which refers to the knowledge or art of preparing medicines to remedy a disease or condition. All in all, a nutraceutical is any substance that is a food or part of a food AND provides medical or health benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease.

If you are among those in your mid-30s or mid-40s without suffering from some form of hair loss, consider yourself lucky! You may have just won the genetic lottery. For the rest of us unlucky sufferers, we belong to part of the statistics – two-thirds of men will experience noticeable hair loss to some degree by the age of 35 years old, with women not coming in far behind (about one third of women will experience female hair loss, just slightly behind the males!). For those who are looking for a way to supplement the hair treatments that are already ongoing, such as topical minoxidil or oral finasteride, a hair loss supplement may be just the thing you need.

However, how do you know whether those hair loss supplements are something that is effective – or safe – for your consumption? The increasing number of hair loss sufferers also means that the number of supplements in the market has increased to target this population, addressing the deficiencies and imbalances that can contribute to hair thinning. But whether they do work or not is a different story. This page will help you to learn more about what Nutrafol is, as we explain how long it will take to see results or whether you are suitable for this supplement! Read more to see if Nutrafol may work for you.

Why Choose Nutrafol As Your Hair Loss Supplement?

Why Choose Nutrafol As Your Hair Loss Supplement?

Re-thinking the Science Behind Hair Loss

Nutrafol addresses hair loss through a holistic approach to physical wellness. Did you know that the hairs on your head are technically ‘dead’? Our hair roots in the hair follicle is what constantly creates hair growth while it is in the anagen stage of our hair cycle, which can last anywhere from 2-6 years. During that period of time, the constant renewal of our hair cells ‘pushes out’ the old cells, which are seen on our scalp as hair that grows out. Since the hair follicle is considered the ‘living’ portion of your hair, it is impacted by everything that happens within the body. The health of our hair follicles is in constant reflection of the state of our internal environment, bringing up our genetic predisposition from our very DNA to the imbalances of our hormones, nutrition, metabolism, inflammation, and stress levels. Hence, it makes sense that we need to also look at treating hair loss from within. That is where Nutrafol comes in.

The FDA has officially approved two medications for treating hair loss – minoxidil and finasteride. Minoxidil is effective at prolonging the hair growth phase, as well as stimulating more hair follicles to enter the growth stage, whereas finasteride helps to block the action of an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase which increases the conversion of testosterone to di-hydrotestosterone (DHT) in hair follicles. This high level of hormone conversion is exactly what causes male pattern hair loss. However, for a certain number of people suffering from hair loss, they may experience the unwanted side effects associated with these medications (facial hair growth in females, contact dermatitis for those with sensitive skin, or sexual dysfunction). For those suffering from the unwanted side effects of hair loss medication, Nutrafol can help as a proprietary blend of botanicals and other ingredients to target imbalances in the body that contribute to hair loss. The FDA has also approved Nutrafol for use as a supplement. 

Nutrafol understands the difference between male and female hair loss.

If you have gone through the free wealth of information on the pages of Terra Medical’s website, you will definitely be aware that there is a difference between male and female hair loss, and treatment approaches also have to take into consideration different things. This begs the question – if the medical treatment for men and women with hair loss are different, why should hair loss supplements be the same?

Most hair loss supplements on the market adopt a one-size-fits-all solution without differentiating between the two or taking into consideration that hair loss can look very different in men and women. Just looking at the differences in physical size, shape, and metabolic needs should already highlight the fact that we are very different! Nutrafol hair supplements make use of the advancements in hair loss research to formulate a product that is specific to either Men or Women.

“When it comes to treating thinning hair, men and women have different biochemical needs. For instance, men produce higher levels of the hair-damaging hormone DHT, while women produce less. Thanks to years of research, Nutrafol is able to adjust to this by re-calibrating the amount of Saw Palmetto – a highly effective DHT blocker, in the men’s formula to better target that particular root cause. On the other hand, women need more support against the harmful effects of stress, which require a careful balancing of pure botanical ingredients and collagen.” –Nutrafol

Nutrafol Is A Nutraceutical, Not A Drug
  • Drug Free = No Side Effects

When it comes to taking medications, a lot of us are wary of the side effects. Yes, even for medications that are FDA-approved. We wonder whether taking those medications in the long run will have any long-term effects on our sexual or reproductive health, especially for those of us who are in the family planning stage, or do plan to have a family one day.

Although the side effects of these medications are not common and do not apply to everyone, it can make people want to look for alternative ways to control hair loss. Nutrafol hair supplement deploys the herb, Saw Palmetto, to control the harmful effects of DHT on hair follicles, which is also known to support a healthy libido!

  • Nutrafol Hair Supplements for Men and Women are nutraceuticals

They are drug-free, derived from food, botanicals or herbs. Then, in the purification process, they’re held to exacting pharmaceutical-grade standards. Using mainly botanical ingredients and an ocean-friendly, sustainable source of hydrolyzed marine collagen, Nutrafol delivers results: Thicker, stronger, and more robust hair. As it is drug free, you can rest assured that there will be no undesirable side effects while taking Nutrafol hair supplement.

How Soon Will I See Results From Taking Nutrafol Hair Supplement?

The validated clinical studies done show that Nutrafol hair supplement produces visible change to hair loss within 30 days and hair thickness and strength can be noticed from day 60 onwards.

Can I Take Nutrafol If I'm Not Suffering From Hair Loss, But Just Want Thicker, Stronger Hair?


Even if you are not experiencing hair loss, environmental factors such as pollution and stress that are inevitable in our lives lead to free-radical formation. These free-radicals are what attacks the healthy cells in our body, leading to poor hair health. The stress hormones (cortisol) and inflammation that may happen from toxin build-up from the environment and oxidative stress from UV ray exposure during our daily lives can lead to hair follicle damage. 

Hence, no matter if you are suffering from hair loss or not, the healing properties of potent therapeutic plants within Nutrafol® have also been proven to raise levels of the body’s natural antioxidant defenses, combat aging, increase factors that support the follicle, and boost the immune system – empowering any damaged follicles to heal from within. These same botanicals act to synergistically improve blood flow and the structural integrity of the scalp, supporting the follicle as it begins absorbing nutrients again. Regular intake of Nutrafol hair supplements will help to rebuild the structural integrity of the hair follicle environment, improve moisture, and promote diffusion of nutrients.

It has been shown that these powerfully efficacious phyto-nutrients also have synergistic abilities to increase the production of signaling molecules that normally stimulate the follicles to enter into anagen phase (growth phase of the hair cycle). Nutrafol harnesses the understanding of these novel nutrient concoctions to stop the damage to the follicle, and to deliver the vital nutrition required for hair growth for thicker and stronger hair.

  • Important: You may need to be wary if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, are taking blood thinning medications, or are below 18 years of age. Nutrafol may not be suitable for you. Always consult with our specialist doctors before you choose to take Nutrafol supplements, as the right advice for intake can be provided specific to your age, gender, and needs.

Other FAQs

Nutrafol hair supplements DO NOT contain any shellfish, mollusc, crustacean, or cephalopod substances. If you are allergic to shellfish, Nutrafol supplements are still suitable for you. 


Many hair supplement manufacturers harvest shark cartilage to use as a source of marine collagen, in the effort to provide the collagen needed for hair growth. Nutrafol holds on to the values of environmental sustainability, and DOES NOT use shark cartilage in its ingredients list. Sharks are crucial to the health of our aquatic systems, as they eat the sick and weak fish to control fish populations. Removing this King of the Ocean will cause massive disruptions to the ecology of that habitat. 


Unfortunately, it is estimated that 100 million shark carcasses are pulled from their natural habitat every year. Even more unfortunately, it has recently been shown that the killing of this majestic creatures are unnecessary as they do not provide the ‘health benefits’ that many people believe in – in fact, shark flesh and their products may contain higher-than-safe level of mercury, which can lead to mercury poisoning when consumed over time.


Nutrafol sticks to their high standards of health and environmental values by ensuring that:


  • 100% of the hydrolysed marine collagen in Nutrafol comes from unbought and unconsumed portions of wild-caught Atlantic cod.
  • Nutrafol plays their part in not only contributing to the health of the population, but in creating an impact for the sustainability of the environment for generations to come
  • This form of hydrolysed marine collagen is obtained from a chemical process where the cod source is broken down into substances small enough for easy absorption by our digestive systems and no ‘fishy burps’.


All in all, Nutrafol provides a great way for an individual to supplement their hair growth and scalp health needs by a formulation that is FDA-approved and specific to your age, gender, and needs. Here at Terra Medical, we only endorse products that are tried, tested, and proven to be effective among clients who are suitable for this particular treatment after an initial consultation is done. We take safety and aesthetic health as something that go hand-in-hand, and if you are ready to begin on your hair wellness journey, contact us here today!

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