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What Are Terra Scalpboosters?

Perhaps you’ve heard of ‘skinboosters’, that anti-ageing skin solution which utilises hyaluronic acid injections into the skin to increase skin hydration and radiance. That makes sense for our skin – as we age, the levels of natural hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin start to drop, giving us fine lines and dull skin. What about our scalp? 

Scalp care is something that we don’t think much of. When we think of hair health, we normally think of conditioners, hair oils, or serums to increase the shine and softness of our hair. But those hair strands are actually a result of our scalp’s health! It makes more sense to target the root of hair growth… Our scalp and the follicles itself, to produce hair that grows healthy and strong.

Terra Scalpboosters aim to ‘boost’ your scalp health by injecting a specially concocted cosmeceutical formulation paired with a superior cell-membrane activation technology to stimulate your hair follicles into growing faster, stronger, and healthier. Read on more to find out what it’s all about!

Terra Scalpbooster Ingredients

Terra's Scalpbooster Ingredients
  • Biotin – An important B group Vitamin to regulate cell growth
  • Polydeoxyribonucleotide (PDRN) – Reduces inflammation and can stimulate regenerative cell activity
  • Copper tripeptide – Regulates hormonal activity and blocks DHT, the balding hormone
  • Zinc – A co-enzyme to important hormones that act on hair follicles
  • Hyaluronic acid – Improves moisture of the scalp, reducing skin sensitivity
  • Growth factors – Stimulate hair follicle activity to increase hair growth


How exactly are these Scalpbooster ingredients delivered?

Step 1 (Injection) – This specially formulated serum is injected into the superficial skin layer of your scalp by the use of an injector gun that has small needles to deliver the Scalpbooster in a rapid and uniform fashion. This will be done across different areas of your scalp that need it the most.

Step 2 (Electroporation) – An in-clinic low level light therapy treatment is used after the Scalpbooster injection procedure. This is like a mild electric current applied across your skin, helping the channels in the scalp to open up for even better serum penetration and absorption. This process is called ‘electroporation’ and is similar in effectiveness to microneedling minus the discomfort.

Is It Painful? Will There Be Downtime? How Long Will It Take?

At Terra Medical, your comfort is our priority. There is very minimal discomfort as the skin over our scalp tends to be rather thick compared to the skin on our face! The sensations felt will be similar to a prickling sensation over your scalp. Those pricks are the goodness of the Scalpboosters penetrating your scalp. 

The entire procedure will take approximately 20-30 minutes, and many of our clients take this session as a way to take time off for themselves in the middle of the day to get pampered! A huge benefit of Terra Scalpboosters is that there is zero downtime or side effects (other than some messy hair).

How Long Before I See Benefits?

When we are experiencing low scalp health or not seeing enough hair growth, it could be due to a greater amount of our hair follicles being in the ‘telogen’ or resting/shedding phase. Terra Scalpboosters work by stimulating your hair follicles and encouraging them to enter the ‘anagen’ or growth phase of the hair cycle.

The recommended number of Terra Scalpbooster treatments to maximise its effectiveness in stimulating growth of hair follicles is 10 sessions, done 1–2 weeks apart. This is followed by a maintenance treatment every 4–6 weeks after your last session.

I'm Losing Hair During Pregnancy. Will This Be Safe For Me?

No adverse reactions have been reported for the use of Scalpboosters during pregnancy. However, there are no long-term conclusive studies done on whether there are any effects of the foetus. 

We advise that you wait until delivery, and until breastfeeding is completed, before beginning or continuing Scalpbooster treatments. There are other pregnancy-safe methods for boosting hair growth that can be relied on instead!

Other FAQs

The answer to that – it depends! The ingredients found in other hair loss products should be scrutinised for their efficacy and safety. Not all over-the-counter or store-bought hair loss products are effective or safe to use. And even if they may technically be safe to use, they may contain other chemicals, fragrances, and preservatives that can aggravate your scalp condition by being too drying or occluding. All this can lead to an irritated and itchy scalp or dandruff flaking (a condition called contact dermatitis) which has no benefits for your hair growth, or even cause further hair loss. 

We suggest that you bring along your hair/scalp care products and medications along to your consultation so that our professional hair loss doctors can give you the optimal recommendations and advice for your scalp condition.

  • In itself, Terra Scalpboosters may not be ‘strong’ enough to address certain types of persistent and progressive hair loss (such as androgenetic alopecia). However, a great benefit of our Terra Scalpboosters is that it works hand-in-hand with other concurrent treatments to create a healthy environment for your scalp that boosts the effects of those treatments itself! This gives you an even better bang for your buck. 


    Terra Scalpboosters work as an adjunctive treatment for:

    If you are wondering whether Terra Scalpboosters is the boost you need to help your scalp heal and regenerate, contact us today for a consultation! 

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