What Is TrichoLab Studio?

Hairs are normally 60-80 micrometers in diameter and such being able to differentiate normal hairs from thinning or miniaturized hairs sets is critical in diagnosing, prognosticating and planning a treatment course for patients.

TrichoLab studio uses the combination of standardised angle and lighting macrophotography using the latest DSLR camera tuned for global hair and scalp imaging, paired with fotofinder(r) leviacam 20x and 50x trichoscopy to ‘map’ out the scalp in great detail.

This 15 minute scan can be AI-analysed for immediate results and is coupled with human analysis of the high quality focused images for a complete report (2 days for reporting) that comprises specific parameters that help us get a thorough understanding of which areas of scalp bear hairs of particular quality – for example, if the donor area or back of the head has sufficiently strong hairs to carry out a 3500 graft megasession or does the vertex or crown area have hairs that are unlikely to respond to medical or regenerative treatment, necessitating a hair transplant to achieve good coverage.

Having this in our arsenal enables Terra Medical Clinic to eliminate diagnostic uncertainty between conditions that require medical treatment, nutritional support, surgical intervention, further histopathological (biopsy) investigation or no intervention at all.

The TrichoLab Studio is the unbiased, second opinion on your hair loss condition, and can be scheduled prior to the first consultation, to enable the complete report to be discussed with you during your appointment and plans for treatment can be expedited.

All our hair technicians and doctor are trained to effectively perform this non-invasive and non-painful scan.

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