A non-invasive, painless treatment that stops hair loss & promotes hair growth.

What Is TrichoPAT?

Androgenetic alopecia, commonly known as male or female pattern hair loss, affects 50% of females and up to 80% of males by age 40. It is caused by factors like genetics, male hormones (e.g., dihydrotestosterone), and stress-related microinflammation, which lead to hair follicle shrinkage, resulting in shorter, finer hair and increased scalp exposure.

The technique of “patting”, developed by Italian dermatologists and recommended at Terra Medical Clinic, is a treatment for thinning hair on the crown. The regimen consists of six treatments over 18 weeks, followed by maintenance sessions every 4-6 weeks.

The process begins with:
1) Disinfection of the scalp and applying a serum with growth factors and peptides to the thinning areas.

2) A patented acoustically-driven tip delivers shockwave therapy and creates micro-channels in the scalp, enhancing blood flow and allowing the serum to penetrate deeply.

3) Iontophoresis and low-level laser light further stimulate hair follicle activity and improve serum absorption.

This non-invasive treatment requires no downtime, with a recommendation to avoid washing the scalp for four hours post-treatment for maximum serum absorption. Patting can be combined with other hair loss treatments but is not effective for cicatricial or traction alopecia and hair loss due to scars.

Consult a hair restoration practitioner for appropriate options for these conditions.

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Why is Terra's TrichoPAT Multimodal Treatment for Hair Thinning and Shedding Recommended?

TrichoPAT offers a comprehensive and effective solution for addressing hair thinning and shedding.

Here’s why it stands out:

Holistic Approach: Hair loss is influenced by various factors such as genetics, hormones, stress, and environmental conditions. TrichoPAT targets these multiple causes simultaneously, providing a well-rounded and thorough treatment.

Increased Effectiveness: By combining various therapies—including growth factors, peptides, low-level laser therapy, and shockwave therapy—TrichoPAT enhances the overall efficacy. Each treatment method works in harmony with the others.

Customized Treatment Plans: TrichoPAT allows for personalized treatment plans tailored to the specific needs and hair loss patterns of each individual. This ensures that every patient receives the most effective combination of therapies for their condition.

Synergistic Benefits: The therapies used in TrichoPAT work together synergistically to stimulate hair growth and improve hair health. For instance, growth factors and peptides enhance the absorption and effectiveness of other treatments, while laser therapy amplifies their benefits.

Reduced Side Effects: Terra’s multimodal approach often requires lower doses of individual therapies, which can reduce the risk of side effects and improve patient comfort and tolerance.

Sustainable Results: Addressing hair thinning and shedding from multiple angles helps maintain hair health and prevent future hair loss, offering long-lasting and sustainable results.

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Post-Procedure Care:

Managing Discomfort

Mild side effects like redness, swelling, bruising, itching, and soreness are normal and can last 2-5 days. If you experience pain, use acetaminophen (Tylenol) rather than NSAIDs like ibuprofen or aspirin, as these can interfere with the healing process​.

Hair Washing & Products

Avoid wetting your hair for at least 3 hours after the treatment. Use a pH-balanced shampoo for the first 3 days to minimize scalp irritation. Do not apply hair products for at least 6 hours post-treatment.

Hydration & Supplements
  1. Drink plenty of water to aid the healing process. Your doctor may also prescribe specific supplements or at-home treatments to boost the effects of the procedure, such as topical & oral medications/supplements.
Hair Treatments

Refrain from using hair dyes, straightening treatments, and any topical hair loss treatment products for at least 3 days post-treatment to avoid further irritation​.

What Is Patting for Telogen Effluvium?

Patting for telogen effluvium involves gently tapping or patting the scalp instead of vigorously rubbing it, as it’s less stressful on hair follicles. This technique can help promote blood circulation and stimulate hair follicles without causing damage. However, it’s crucial to address the underlying cause of telogen effluvium through professional guidance.

Is the treatment painful?

The procedure is entirely painless, akin to a gentle massage. Occasionally, there might be slight discomfort in the temple area, but this can be alleviated by moving the handpiece more swiftly, eliminating any potential discomfort.

Is TrichoPAT safe?

Yes, this treatment provides a safe and beneficial approach to treating and preventing androgenetic alopecia. The device used is FDA approved. It works by activating fibroblasts and elastin in the scalp under conditions that promote wound healing. This promotes the regrowth of new hair during the anagen phase by stimulating blood microcirculation and the action of growth factors. Additionally, this procedure is straightforward for the operator and highly enjoyable for the patient.

Other FAQs

The treatment plan for telogen effluvium and male/female androgenetic alopecia involves 6 sessions placed 3 weeks apart with reduced intensity after achieving clinical result.

The typical TrichoPAT protocol involves a total duration of 20 minutes, divided into two parts of 10 minutes each. The first part utilizes the Skin Patting head, while the second part involves the Trichological Cup.

Usually, hair loss ceases between the second and third sessions, and patients typically notice hair thickening and improved hair density between the fourth to sixth session.

This treatment is suitable for patients aged 18 and older, who are experiencing hair loss condition mentioned above. Special precautions will be taken for patients who with pregnancy, pacemakers, cochlear implants, or metal plates in the skull.

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