Understanding the Four Stages of the Hair growth cycle

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Understanding the hair growth cycle is critical to maintaining healthy and luscious locks. Our hair doesn’t just grow continuously; it goes through four distinct phases, each with unique characteristics. These phases are the anagen phase, catagen phase, telogen phase, and exogen phase. 

In this article, we will go through each stage of the hair growth cycle and share what you can do, as well as which hair loss supplement in Singapore can help you.


Anagen phase

The anagen phase is often called the growth phase because this is when your hair actively grows. On average, it lasts anywhere from two to seven years. The duration varies from person to person. 

During this phase, the hair follicles are deeply rooted in the scalp and produce new cells that eventually form the hair strand. Hair grows about 0.5 to 1.7 cm per month during the anagen phase, so nourishing your hair from the inside out is essential.


Catagen phase

The anagen phase is followed by the catagen phase, a transitional period lasting about two weeks. During this stage, the hair follicle begins to shrink and detach from the blood supply, causing the hair strand to stop growing. 

It’s a resting phase where your hair prepares to shed and make way for new growth. While you can’t prevent the catagen phase, you can ensure that the new hair emerging in the next anagen phase is as healthy as possible.


Telogen phase

After the catagen phase, we enter the telogen and resting phases. This phase can last several months, during which your hair is no longer growing but simply staying in place. An estimated 10-15% of your hair is in the telogen phase at any time. 

Shedding some hair during this stage is normal, but excessive shedding could indicate an underlying issue.


Exogen phase

The exogen phase is when your hair naturally sheds, allowing new hair to grow. On average, each person loses 50 to 100 hairs per day. If you’re experiencing hair loss beyond this range, it’s essential to investigate the cause and seek appropriate solutions.

Now that we’ve covered the four phases of the hair growth cycle, let’s find out how you can maintain healthy hair growth and how a hair supplement can support it.


How to maintain healthy hair growth

Achieving and maintaining healthy hair growth requires a commitment to good hair care practices and a healthy lifestyle. Here are some valuable tips to help you maintain healthy hair growth. 


  1. Nutrient-rich diet

Nutrition is important for hair health. Ensure your diet contains essential nutrients like vitamins (especially A, C, and D), minerals (such as zinc and iron), and proteins. These nutrients are vital for the production of healthy hair cells. 


  1. Stay hydrated

Drinking adequate water helps transport nutrients to the hair follicles, keeping them nourished and active. Aim for at least eight glasses of water daily to maintain optimal hydration.


  1. Scalp care

A scalp that is clean and free from excess oil, dandruff, and product buildup is key to healthy hair growth. Consider using a scalp-friendly shampoo or treatment to maintain a balanced scalp environment.


  1. Hair supplements

Consider incorporating a hair supplement into your daily routine. A good hair growth supplement can provide the essential ingredients for a healthy growth cycle.


Maintaining healthy hair with a hair growth supplement

Nourkrin’s Hair Growth+ inCLINIC is a hair supplement developed with Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy and Marilex®-P to help restore and support robust hair growth. 

It addresses the root causes of your hair loss and enables you to gain control of your hair health. Here are the benefits of this hair growth supplement.


  1. Nourishes hair follicles
  2. Extends the anagen phase
  3. Reduces hair shedding
  4. Supports overall hair health


Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy

Proteoglycan Replacement Therapy is rich in bioactive proteoglycans that stimulate your hair follicles back into the active anagen phase, where growth happens. By kickstarting a new hair growth cycle, Hair Growth+ inCLINIC promotes increased hair density and quality, offering tangible results you can see and feel. 



Marilex®-P is derived from the fractionated fish extract and boasts high ratios of specific bioactive proteoglycans. These proteoglycans are crucial in replenishing the necessary components during the anagen phase and preventing follicular miniaturisation.


Nourkrin hair supplement in Singapore

Understanding the four stages of the hair growth cycle is essential for anyone looking to maintain healthy and robust hair. You can aid this process with a nourishing hair loss supplement, such as Nourkrin, to extend the anagen phase, reduce shedding, and support overall hair health. 

Nourkrin is safe, effective and available at Terra Medical. We provide holistic hair solutions and will be happy to share with you how you can incorporate hair supplements in your treatments to get the best results for hair growth.  

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